Adult programs are for rowers ages 21 and up of all levels of rowing ability and fitness.

Adults wishing to participate in short-term group programming should also visit our Team Building and Private & Group Fitness  pages.  Those interested in private or semi-private rowing lessons can read about our offerings on the Private Instruction page.

Adult Intro (Spring, Summer, Fall)

Learning to row is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Our beginner-level programs are designed to get youth on the water quickly and prepare them for the next step, either the Adult Recreational Rowing group or the competitive Racing Team. Sessions will include instruction on the fundamentals of rowing, taught at an age-appropriate pace. RowAmerica’s coaching staff fosters a fun, energetic, and enthusiastic atmosphere for all levels of fitness and ability.

Adult Recreational Rowing

Join the rowing revolution with RowAmerica’s signature recreational rowing program! Inspirational and professional coaching staff will ensure that each workout delivers full-body fitness, and transforms the way you look and feel. Recreational workouts are geared to improve overall fitness by combining long distance and interval training with a relaxed, non-competitive approach. Prerequisite: complete Adult Intro programming or be recommended by a member of the coaching staff.

Adult CardioRow

Enjoy the benefits of rowing while staying indoors during the winter months with Winter Training program. Sessions will include indoor training using rowing machines, body weight and resistance exercises designed to build strength and stamina. For all adults interested in progressing to the spring Racing Team or those who just want to stay fit for the winter! Sessions are held at the area’s top rated gym, the Little Rock Athletic Club!

Adult Racing Team (Spring, Summer, Fall)

Go for the ultimate challenge of racing. The Adult Racing Team is for the goal-oriented individual, who is looking for the inspiration and motivation of racing to deliver maximum fitness gains. Adults in the Racing program will train with the goal of competing in local and, potentially, national regattas. Reaching for the highest levels of technical, physical and mental abilities will drive athletes beyond their perceived limits of physical fitness. Adult Racing Team members will be eligible to attend regattas at the local, regional and national (for those that qualify) levels. Additional regatta fees will apply; please contact the Club Director for more information.

Seasonal Rowing Membership

Looking to row on your own? Our seasonal membership includes access to the RowAmerica Hamilton fleet of equipment and access to the Great Miami River waterway. Membership fees also include the required proficiency test training and the opportunity to schedule occasional participation in Adult group programming.

Seasons: March – May, June – August, September – November, December-February

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We are passionate about rowing. We’re energized about growing and nurturing our sport, from the bottom up. We’ve seen first-hand the positive transformation it’s had on thousands of young individuals and our goal is to amplify that impact. RowAmerica is driven by a desire to support, promote, and expand the sport of rowing.

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