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Youth Club Rowing with RowArkansas

Youth Club League

The youth Club League is a great way for middle school and high school students to participate in the sport of rowing! Our one-, two- or three-season programs offer rowing instruction, both on and off the water, with multiple opportunities for interscholastic racing. Each season will culminate with the Club League sprints, showcasing each school’s skills in 500m round-robin races, followed by a League family BBQ.

The Club Leagues are ideal for:

  • Schools looking to provide new athletic opportunities to the student body
  • Fostering strong connections among larger student bodies
  • Experiencing the thrill of rowing in a fun, energetic environment with your peer group
  • Athletes new to the sport of rowing
  • Multi-sport athletes with an “off” sports season

Starting a Youth Club Rowing Program

If you would like to start a rowing club at your school, RowArkansas can help! We are available to meet with students and faculty to present an overview of the sport of rowing and the benefits of participating in one of the most unique team sports open to youth.  New school clubs will be invited to host an “open house” at the RowArkansas North Little Rock facility to encourage students to explore the sport and have a hands-on experience with our indoor and on-the-water rowing equipment.

To schedule a school visit by RowArkansas N. Little Rock, contact us at

Current Club League Schools

The following schools have established rowing clubs for their student body. Please contact the staff advisor listed below to join your school team!

Central High School

Staff Advisor: Jacob Morris

Catholic High School for Boys

Staff Advisor:  TBD

The Anthony School (grades 6-8)

Staff Advisor:  Ashton Winkelmeyer
Phone:  870.353.7250

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We are passionate about rowing. We’re energized about growing and nurturing our sport, from the bottom up. We’ve seen first-hand the positive transformation it’s had on thousands of young individuals and our goal is to amplify that impact. RowArkansas is driven by a desire to support, promote, and expand the sport of rowing.

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