RowArkansas is located on the banks of the Arkansas River in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Meet RowArkansas

Arkansas Boathouse Club has a long and rich history of rowing on the Arkansas, beginning in 1877 when a group of young men, staying in the Capital Hotel, determined that a club with rowing was needed to occupy their leisure time. The Little Rock Athletic Association was formally organized in 1882. By 1883, the club had grown to 125 members and with their annual dues of $25 the club was able to construct a wood-frame clubhouse and purchase equipment needed for rowing. Since the club became gathering place for men interested in sports beyond rowing, the name “Boathouse Club” became widely used in place of the Little Rock Athletic Association.

Fire destroyed the first clubhouse in 1887, but was soon rebuilt and the Boathouse Club continued to be a major element in social and athletic life. The Club sponsored football games, dances, aquatics shows and an annual cotillion. During World War I, the Boathouse was leased by the US government to house officers and men stationed in Little Rock for training.

In 1938, fire again destroyed the Boathouse. Spectators lined the Main Street Bridge to watch the fire, and witness the loss of hundreds of photos, trophies and mementos. In the wake of this second tragedy, plans were made to rebuild but members began to withdraw and support waned. The Boathouse Club had its last year in 1945, closing with just 4 members remaining.

In 2005, two members of the Little Rock community decided to bring rowing back to Central Arkansas, and launched a campaign to resurrect the Arkansas Boathouse Club, now located in a former City of North Little Rock maintenance building next to the Downtown Riverside RV Park.

In 2015, ABC brought in RowAmerica, a national organization specializing in expanding rowing in communities across the country, to run operations and programming. This brought opportunities to get involved to a new level with experienced coaches, new equipment, and proven structure for youth, adult and adaptive programming to offer paths for individuals of various goals.

Now in 2017, the Arkansas Boathouse Club has debranded from RowAmerica and opted to create their own competitive crew, Rock City Rowing.